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Get  to  Know Me

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Hi i'm Kristen

Hi, I'm Kristen
I am a dog mom of two, Sutton and Ace. I love
all animals and will derail any plan to pull over
to help a stray dog. I spend my free time
exercising, hiking, eating and traveling. I am
passionate about fitness and nutrition and I
love nurturing my friends and family with
healthy meals.
I have worked as a business manager for the
last 10 years. I have managed an array of
businesses and really enjoy business
administration. I excel at all things
organizational and consider myself a Type A
human. My career path brought we me to the
medical world through my long existing
friendship/patient relationship with Adrienne! I
love Wheeler Med Spa and I can't wait to see
all the ways it will grow and develop! We have
the best team of women and I consider it a
privilege to be a part of such an amazing
team! I attended university of central
Oklahoma for my undergrad and I am now
attending central Oklahoma college for
esthetics. I will graduate may of 2023!

I look forward to meeting and building
relationships with all of our patients and

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